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Janet Zohar is an artist who uses her energy and talent. Her story is an action-packed creative quest toward the very apex of the world of music. Janet creates songs that wrap around you and hold of your heart. Her artistic goal is simple. She explains, “I want every person to find their personal story in my songs.” However, within all of her songs are pieces of her own life-story; a musical journey toward self-actualization. 

As a child, Janet was a devoted athlete. She was a swimmer and dancer obsessed with performing at the highest levels. However, by her early teens, her love of music and movies was calling her to chase new dreams. Influenced by many artists in a wide-variety of genres, Janet was suddenly nurturing aspirations to become a singer. At the age of fifteen she put aside her dance shoes to pursue the callings of her muses. She explains her epiphany, “I realized I wanted to connect my life to the stage, and make entertainment my life.” 

Janet had success in her very first audition for lead singer of a band. She was still in her teens. This early success ignited her desire to perfect her skills. She did this through vocal lessons and studying music in college. During her studies, she learned how to be a choral conductor, how to arrange music, and hone her production skills. The athlete inside of her pushed her as a musician as she knew the importance of practice, dedication and the pursuit of perfection. 

Janet is now a long way from the lengthy days of dance practice and swimming competitions that filled her youth. However, she still uses the traits those endeavors taught daily. With hard work, practice and dedication this former dancer continues her creative quest. Instead of dancing to the music, she is now making the music dance and rock.